Make an Eco-Friendly Impact on Your Community – and Change Your Future

A better way to live : own a wildlife removal franchise and make a difference in your neighbourhood.

We Serve and Protect Property from Unwanted Wildlife Visitors

We have a unique relationship with pesky critters, like raccoons, squirrels, mice, and bats. We love the furry animals when they are in the wild. But we hate to see the destruction they do to roofs, attics, basements, even patios and garden sheds. SWAT Wildlife has helped thousands of homeowners and property managers breathe easier, thanks to our humane approach to pest control problems. They appreciate our guarantee that intruders are gone for good. Make no mistake – SWAT Wildlife is more than just a wildlife removal franchise. It’s a home services provider that’s focused on pest control and property protection to stop animals from coming back.

Let’s Go Wild!

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Starting your own pest control business.

This is an opportunity to own a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want in your life. It’s also a way to avoid pitfalls that come with starting your own pest control business. You can tap into an established business model that gives you a framework for moulding your own business when you invest in a SWAT Wildlife removal franchise. A team of experts with decades of experience in the humane treatment of animal home invaders is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Meet Derick McChesney, SWAT Wildlife Founder

Wildlife control expert Derick McChesney can outwit even the craftiest critters. He’s come up with ingenious ways to remove animals, seal off entry points, and prevent them from getting back into their hangouts. Derick knows that urban growth in Canada’s growing cities means a natural increase in wildlife presence in areas where people now live and work. That’s why he nabbed an opportunity in 2007 to start his own business as an urban conservation authority, known as a wildlife control expert. High demand for his innovative services allowed Derick to become a powerhouse in wildlife removal. His crews have helped thousands of homeowners and property managers rest assured, knowing unwanted visitors are out of the house and their property – guaranteed!

“Our integrity, accountability, honesty and affordability provide the best quality care for customers.”

Derick McChesney,
Founder, SWAT Wildlife.


SWAT Wildlife Stands Out as a Leading Wildlife Removal Franchise

This is more than a passive investment. Our franchise owners are actively involved in the management of their operations and guiding their local teams of technicians.

Established business model with centralized call centre services means you focus on business development, not scheduling busywork.

Initial and ongoing training and support to help you grow your business from the start.

Technology resources put time-saving tools at your fingertips to generate estimates and invoices on-site.

Experienced leadership team knows what it takes to operate efficiently and provide excellent service so you can thrive in a business of your own.

Multiple service offerings include animal and pest removal, remediation, repairs and more.

Protected territory with growth potential means you can operate your business with confidence.


Low Investment, Low Overhead, High Potential Rewards.

Optimized space requirements of 500 to 600 square feet for an office and ample storage for equipment and tools

On-site parking for company vehicles

Purchased or leased work truck fully equipped to SWAT Wildlife specifications

Best-in-Class Training and Support

Sales and business development skills

Talent for delivering excellent customer service

Problem solving skills to evaluate situations and identify solutions

Interested in outdoor work

Comfortable working with animals and at heights

(Experience in repair, roofing or construction services is helpful. But don’t worry: you don’t need a technical degree or special qualifications to join us! Our wildlife control experts are ready to train and support you when you invest in a SWAT Wildlife removal franchise)


We’re Expanding the SWAT Wildlife Brand

Protected territories are now available in cities across Canada. Turn your dreams of business ownership into reality with a SWAT Wildlife removal franchise. Let’s talk about how you can join our team to serve homeowners and help protect homes in your community.